Cheque Cashing Service

The regulations surrounding cash payments for scrap metals have been tightened in order to prevent payment of cash and Blair Metals fully endorses any measure that prevents metal thefts and money laundering. However, these regulations should not deter genuine individuals from bringing in scrap metals and the company is doing everything possible to allow for immediate payments to genuine customers.

Blair Metals is pleased to offer an cheque cashing service. This allows Bona Fide clients to convert their scrap metal payout cheques into cash or direct payment into their designated account.

Once registered payments are immediate and initial registration is fast and hassle free. There are a few minor formalities in order to establish your identity and register a bank account but we will help you through the simple registration process.

Once registered:-

Instant Cash/ Bank Transfer in Exchange for your Cheque (In most cases)
Low Commission Rates for Cheque Cashing Services
Quick, Friendly and Confidential Cheque Cashing Services
Cheques Outside Banking Hours
Cheques Even If You Have - No Bank Account

Cheque cashing is performed on our doorstep by independently licensed companies of which Blair Metals Ltd has preferential rates. Many local companies perform the service of which some are less than half a mile away and details are given to customers who are interested in this process. It is our intention to provide the service on site if our customers show interest and would like it for easy.

Why not call in today in order to find out how to turn your scrap metal into cash - Blair Metals are here to help!


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